How to pass CKAD with confidence

March 19 2020 was the day i cleared my CKAD exam. I started my journey with kubernetes sometime back in Aug 2019. I have been studying and building microservices since last 4 years and had the concepts clear on containerization. To be honest with you, my background is in the application development and implementation side but looking at how kubernetes can be used to manage our containers on cloud inspired me to explore the area. The explanation provided below is solely based on my observation and experience and should help individuals who have no hands-on experience with Kubernetes.

About the battle (Exam):-

  • Since you have decided to appear for CKAD, you probably know who the organizer is and what is the format of the exam. You can find more information on it here :-

Preparing for the battle (Exam) :-

  • As most people say, know what you are going for.



  • This is not our regular typical certification exam, so even if you fail in the first attempt don’t get discouraged. At the time of posting this, you get another free attempt. As soon as you are done with the test note down all the things you remember during the exam, such as, areas where you think you will have to focus more, topics you need to get familiarized with.

Best of luck with your CKAD exam!



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Amit Kumar

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